Coaching and career consulting for professional musicians and music students seeking personal advice and support.

What is “musician coaching”?
We see it as an offer directed towards young or relatively inexperienced musicians.
As we all know, competition in the artistic domain becomes stronger every day. It’s getting harder to enter the field and maintain one’s position.
A great number of small details need to be taken care of. The life of a true professional starts requiring so much sheer organization that it doesn’t leave enough time to practice, learn new repertoire, communicate with other artists and perform. You probably find that you have less and less time for what you consider truly essential.

However, what ultimately counts is the artistic result. It’s what decides in the long run whether you can stay in the game and maintain your level of motivation!
There is a way out of this predicament. Simplify your life: get professional advice and support so that you can concentrate once more on your music.
We lend you our open, experienced ear as we touch on a number of relevant aspects of your life as an artist. After a series of conversations and interviews, we can help you find ways out of the dilemma. You will find yourself equipped to make the appropriate decisions and you will see results.

After our first meeting and discussion,
we draw up your artistic profile,
we lay out a plan of action,
we address issues of repertoire,
we help you conceive new recital programmes,
we contact you with agents,
we help you improve your stage presence,
we discuss job perspectives,
we offer artist management services,
public relations, marketing
and much more.

Use our years of experience in the professional music field as a stepping stone for your career and for making new contacts! All information will be handled 100% confidentially.
You may have further questions.
Feel free to ask them by contacting us: contact@avi-sfm.de
Andreas von Imhoff & Avi-team