Inspired by J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations and by D. Sitkovetsky’s arrangement and recording of them with string trio, Verena and Harald Schoneweg paired up with cellist Wolfgang Sellner in 1995 in order to study that magnificent work, and founded a string trio under the same name.

In the years that followed, while the trio has been enlarging its repertoire mostly with 20th-century music, the Goldberg Variations have still remained a focal point in their concert appearances.

In January 2003, Wolfgang Sellner left the trio, and Christian Brunnert, first cellist of the Bonn Beethoven Orchestra, has taken his place.
Apart from intensely studying and performing Classical and Romantic works, the ensemble plans its recital programs with particular emphasis on pairing early and contemporary music. Their aim is to achieve a unique timbre resulting from particular, conscientious care in the use of vibrato.
In so doing, the Goldberg Trio seeks to steer clear of the constant historical endeavor towards “Schönklang” (uniform string timbre that is ‘simply beautiful’ across all styles of music). This liberates their efforts to seek out each piece’s, each style’s own appropriate musical expressivity.

VERENA SCHONEWEG studied with Michael Gaiser, Ilan Gronich and Thomas Brandis. She concluded her studies with a concert diploma in 1991. She now plays, often as concertmaster or as leader of her section, in early music ensembles such as the Balthasar Neumann Ensemble (Freiburg im Breisgau), La Stagione Frankfurt and Camerata Köln. Although widespread, her musical activities are focused on chamber music.

HARALD SCHONEWEG studied with Igor Ozim and Sandor Vegh.
He played as violinist in the Cherubini quartet from 1978 to 1994, and as violist in the Linos ensemble from 1980 to 1989. In 1987, Schoneweg initiated the Pentecost Chamber Music Festival in Badia a Passignano (Florence). He has held the post of chamber music professor at Cologne Conservatory since 1994.

CHRISTIAN BRUNNERT was born in Hamburg; his cello teacher, among others, was Gregor Piatigorski. After a series of successful breakthroughs at the ARD competition in Munich in 1978, and after having been awarded the Gebrüder Busch Prize that same year, Brunnert entered the City of Bonn’s Beethoven Orchestra as solo cellist in 1981. He has been teaching at Cologne Conservatory since 1998.

The members of the Goldberg Trio play the following instruments:

Violin : Niccolo Gagliano (1742)
Viola : Stefan Peter Greiner (1997)
Cello : Giovanni Grancino (1698)

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